Armonia da Linda: beauty salon in The Hague

Armonia da Linda

Is wonderful to walk around the City and discover all the hidden gems, like small gardens, cozy thee house, or vintage shop.

One of the place I love is the beauty salon Armonia da Linda, in the hearth of Weimarstraat.

What makes this beauty salon different from others, is the owner: Linda is a very kind Italian girl, professional beautician, that not only will help you with the treatment you need, but she will assist you in finding the best path to get back in shape, or repair your skin, or simply enjoy a moment of relax.

Armonia da Linda, a pampering and safe environment offering professional treatments personalised for every client’s need with French and Italian top quality cosmetic brands, the best aesthetic devices and the knowledge and experience from Italy in the field of aesthetics.

(This is how Linda describe her beauty salon on her website).

Sometimes is just good to spend time on yourself: let the rest of the world outside, stip in Armonia da Linda, and take a break, some quality time for you!

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