Moving to The Hague

Moving to a foreign country or city can be stressful, and if you don’t know the local language and habits is even more.

But, I am here to assist you. 

We can build together a personalized assistance plan, whether you only need some useful links, targeted on your needs, or if you need further assistance with bureaucracy, I am here for you.

This is what you can ask me:

  • Guiding you through The Hague, as a tourist or if you want to know more about the city
  • I can come with you around offices or search with you the best provider (care provider, energy supplier, daycare or school, real estate company..)
  • I can come with you to visit the house that you want to rent, or simply giving you an extra opinion about the neighborhood
  • I can prepare for you a personalized PDF file with all the information you need about the city (link divided by section)
  • I can be your Online Counselor and Virtual Assistant (also available via Skype or Google Hangout)

No hidden cost,  my fee is 15€ p/h and we can prepare fixed hour packages together.

The first consultation is of course free!

Drop me an email, fill the contact form below or call me!